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Margherita di Savoia is located near famous places of great historical, natural and touristic interest, such as the "Federiciani" Castles, the Cathedrals in the Romanesque style, the religious sanctuaries, the wetlands, the parks and the nature reserves.

To the north you can visit the Gargano Promontory and with its coast and its inlets is a very charming, frequented by many tourists, especially foreigners. On the Gargano there are also San Giovanni Rotondo and Monte Sant'Angelo, important destinations of religious tourism.

To the south there are many places rich in history and culture as Canne della Battaglia, Castel del Monte, the castles of Trani and Barletta, the countless churches and cathedrals like that of Trani and the cities where there are very distinctive historical centers, now valued by young and more with popular evenings. In the neighborhood of Margherita di Savoia is possible to spend funny hours at the amusement park "Miragica" in Molfetta, or at the Water Park in Ippocampo.